Tuesday, 23 May 2017

40 Bands To Sniff Out

Okay so the blog took a backseat to being a dad and generally having naff all time, still don't really but i'm going to try to make the effort

As a comeback article of sorts i'm going with volume 3 of 40 bands that you need to check out, not sure what i'm going to do when i run out of senses, links to the previous articles are below



Baby In Vain

Okay so Baby In Vain aren't in anyway a new band, they've been going since 2010, a 3 piece from Denmark who specialize in grungy-laden stoner rock, like an all female Queens Of The Stone Age (or Kings Of The Stone Age if you wish) at their most sparse. Early tracks such as 'Machine Gun Girl' and 'The Catcher' brimming full of menace were a great indication of what was to come. 2013 saw the release of a 7" trilogy with highlights like the upbeat 'Taught By Hand' and the epic stretching 'Alien Arms', no idea what was going until 2015 when they put out a split 10" with the equally excellent Electric Elephants (see further down the list), i'm assuming this was a treat for the ears but unfortunately as it was limited to 300 copies worldwide it's a bit of a struggle to get hold of. 2016 saw the release of a full EP of new music 'For The Kids' which cranks up the volume and heaviness quite a few notches with opening track 'Martha's View' ending in a squall of feedback Mudhoney would be proud of, highly recommended. New single 'Transcendent' is a teaser of finally a full length due later this year through Partisan records and hints at more melody but still a spiraling menace undercurrent, expect amazing things indeed!


Bad Nerves
East London new boys,only heard 4 songs by them so far, but all 4 are insanely catchy garage rock, early tunes like 'Can't Be Mine' stick in the brain instantly, 'Wasted Days' is a cracker but maybe not worth the £1,000 price tag on their bandcamp page. New single 'Dreaming' their first release on physical format, features 2 more garage rock stompers both under 3 minutes like last years tracks, no one likes a song that sticks around longer than it needs to. Keep an eye out for these boys i can imagine they'd be excellent live.


Grim Fiction (pka Hyena)
When i first had the idea for volume 3 of this list, Grim Fiction were still called Hyena, they'd kicked off with a rousing masterclass in rock called 'Mental Home' quickly followed by the if anything even better 'Come Down To Hilo' which was also released as split 7" with Piano Wire, then new single 'Forget My Name' leaning into a more grungy direction, then.... nothing no new EP, just an announcement that the band were changing their name and we'd get an update soon. So around a year later the first fruits of the new band Grim Fiction appeared 'Dream Sequence' first 45 seconds i'm wondering if this is even the same bunch of guys responsible for the amazing Hyena output, then the rock pops it's head up briefly and the chorus shows that the year wait was worth it.


Pretty Vicious
So it's been since 2014 when these young lads first put up their 'Cave Song' demo on soundcloud and it's been a long wait for more music with little teases here and there, but as the band themselves put it, you only get once chance at a classic debut album, and rumors are it's not far off now. In the meantime we've had the energy laden 'It's Always There' 7", download only singles like 'Are You Ready For Me' and 'National Plastics' keeping people's appetite satiated. Then last year saw the 10" EP of Cave Song which really got fans frothing at the mouth, all 4 songs were standout tunes reminding me of days in the late 90's when bands used to put out EP's that rivaled other bands albums with not a throwaway in sight. Ending last year with the forgive the pun, blistering 'Blister' a sign of the album to come.


Starting out with the slightly more controversial moniker Slutface, Now known totally differently as Sløtface, ah a rose by any other name... coming at you out of Norway with huge melodies over frenetic rock 'n' roll backing, they already have a debut single and 2 EP's to their name and an album due September i believe. 2015's debut single proper 'Shave My Head' was a rebel rousing feminist anthem both tracks also appeared on first EP proper 'Sponge State' which highlighted how much of a talent Haley Shea's vocals are with it's title track being a real highlight. The same year also saw the release of a second EP 'Empire Records' crammed full of angular punk rock with huge pop melodies and even references to the way underrated film it's named after.


To be continued.... with the below, when i get time x



The Schizophonics


The Blinders


Goat Girl


10. King Nun

11. Mouses

12. Petrol Girls

13. Tough Tits

14. Unqualified Nurse Band

15. Rotten Mind

16. Moses
17. Maker
18. MAMA
19. Cassels
20. BlackWaters
21. Barns Courtney
22. Black Foxxes
23. Crows
24. Death Valley Girls
25. Estrons
26. Fizzy Blood
27. Freak
28. The Hyena Kill
29. Electric Elephants
30. Darma
31. The Tuts
32. Motherfucker
33. Eat Fast
34. WUZI
35. Black Honey
36. Baby Strange
37. Sewage Farm
38. DeadCuts
39. Faux Pas
40. Whipper


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